Who We Are


Over the past 20 years, Channing Baker and his father, Ted, have served as consultants and project managers for international building projects around the world, including in Trinidad and Tobago; Cape Town, South Africa; and the United Arab Emirates. To date, they have crafted industrial project proformas for manufacturing and community/government development projects valued collectively at over $100 million, and designed to create over 8,000 jobs.


Ted and Channing have built their reputations servicing housing needs around the world through eco-friendly, sustainable, energy-efficient solutions that create long-term value. Their rapid deployment construction system allows them to manufacture and build in one-third of the time through modular, structurally insulated panel technology.


Responsive, timely service is their signature. Satisfied clients are their proof. Clayton Channing Consulting is a family-owned and operated, minority enterprise that provides project management, program management, and integrated design-build services.

We don’t chase clients, we build relationships.