Trinidad and Tobagos

In 1998, Ted Baker & Associates journeyed to Trinidad and Tobago where they met with the Minister of Housing, John Humphrey, and led negations and executed pre-construction services for a total of 4,500 government housing units. True to their focus on long-range value, their proposal included feasibility studies, financial projections, and a work-force development program for the local community. 

With the assistance of Clarence Avant, Jessie Hill, and Andrew Young, Ted Baker & Associates brought together Bhagwansingh Hardware and Home Depot for a potential expansion including 4 locations and 1 green space starting at the Port of Spain Harbor. Unfortunately, due to a leadership change at Home Depot in 2000, the year-long expansion negotiation was tabled.  

In 2001, Ted Baker & Associates managed and oversaw the construction of 26 condominiums ranging from 1500-3000 SF in Chaguaramas, Trinidad.